Thursday, January 24, 2008

8 Tips To Manage Your Dry Skin

8 Tips To Manage Your Dry Skin by Kenith Smith

Things that you should do:

1. Always use a non-commercial and safe soap with a very low alkaline content. Excessive alkali in your soap may cause your skin drying out very quickly.

2. Ensure that you are drinking lot of water to maintain the required amount of water in the body. Water is an absolute necessity for providing hydration in your skin. Water can also keep your skin soft, supple and clear. Lack of moisture is the main cause for dry skin with lots of cracking and chapping. You may need to drink at least eight glasses of water every day.

3. Good eating habit and a healthy living style is also a critical factor. You will need to eat properly to maintain good and healthy skin condition. A good and nutritious diet is also an essential factor for managing your skin. Make it a point to eat at least five portions of fruits and green vegetables everyday to maintain your vitamin levels. If you are short of required nutrients, you can take multivitamin tablets.

4. You must be able to sleep for at least 8 hours every day. Sleep is very essential for your skin.

5. Hot water could be very dangerous for your skin. Hot water can destroy your skin layers. Always use warm water for bath and face wash. Restrict your bathing for lesser than five minutes.

6. Regular exercise and a strict working regimen will help a neat and unhindered flow of fresh blood and oxygen to your skin cells. This will help you create a glowing and radiating skin.

7. Winter is also a cruel month for your skin. You can use a humidifier to keep water from going out of the skin cells.

8. Do not rub your skin with a rough towel. Instead, use a soft towel by gently patting the upper layers.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Skin Care Natural Tips To Maintain A Healthy Skin

Skin Care Natural Tips To Maintain A Healthy Skin by Tony Pang

So what are the skin care naturals tips to a healthy skin?

Well, the skin mirrors the inner health of our body and mind - this is without any doubt. Long periods of physical and mental stress encourages certain biochemical changes in the body in which the skins become older at a faster rate and therefore degrade the skin quality with an unattractive appearance.

According to the renowned skincare experts, certain skin problems such as hives, eczema, psoriasis, tics, itching, to name a few, that cast a lethal impact on the skin condition have been found to be exacerbated by stress - be it either mental or physical. The University of Maryland Medical Center established that the skin becomes clammy as a result of serious stress.

Hence, the foremost point in regarding the natural skin care tips is to lead a stress less life - both physically and mentally, because the body and mind are not distinctive entities and they affect each other. The natural skin care methods are all about taking care of the skin to promote the desired health of the skin in a genuinely natural way that involves no intake of any chemical drugs or artificial synthetics at all.

Natural Skin Care Tip - Proper Digestion

Promoting a proper digestive system is one of the vital natural skin care tips that cannot be denied at all. People who suffer from problems of acne, psoriasis and rosacea have been found to be suffering from an imbalanced digestive system. Therefor, count proper digestion as part of the natural skin care tips. This natural tip is not expensive, yet yield terrific results.

Water As One Of The Natural Skin Care Tip

Water, as a matter of fact, has always play a great role in maintaining a proper health of the skin. Doctors recommend at least five or six liters of pure drinking water in normal coarse every day to flush out the toxins from the interior of our body, which is of significance to having healthy skin. Moreover, water helps to keep the skin properly hydrated from within to give it glowing look.

Do Not Take Excessive Sugar

Excessive consumption of sugar can lead to the aging of the skin at a high rate. Consumption of excess sugar promotes the process "Glycation" where the protein molecules are damaged by the glucose molecules to form the "advanced glycation end products", which actually damage the collagen in the skin and the elasticity, thereby forming wrinkles. So no more or less chocolate going forward.

Consumption Of Good Fats

Flaxseed oils, walnut oil, cold-water fish and fish oil supplements etc. are some of the necessary ingredients that should always be included in the menu in order to promote the healthy skin. These are those essential fats that form the cell membranes, hormones and certain body chemicals.

Amazing Organic Skin Care Tips

Amazing Organic Skin Care Tips by Anita R

Everyone wants to look attractive and nice, whether you are man or a woman. Application of skin care products can definitely make your skin smoother, softer and supple. Our skin has the quality of absorbing elements and eliminating toxins. When we perspire, we eliminate toxins while we apply skin care products, our skin absorbs these too.

Although you might have got confused often as to which is the best product to buy for your skin care, choosing becomes very simple when you pick organic skin care for your regimen. To clean your body and face use a mild, herbal soap that will cleans your body of all external deposits of pollution and dead skin. You can use pure natural oils like almond oil, coconut oil and avocado oil to moisturize your body after a bath. Some essential oils enhanced products and oils are especially beneficially as they are good anti bacterial and anti fungal properties.However there are many products that are beneficial for after bath moisturizing like lotions, creams, skin care products but you should buy according to your skin type.

Using oil for massaging your scalp and body can greatly help you achieve luxurious hair and skin! The skin absorbs the oil and rejuvenates the cells with better blood circulation. Increase in oxygen and reduction of toxins also helps the skin rejuvenate and look fresh while drinking 8 to 10 liters of water a day helps in achieving flawless skin.

When you use skin care products and cosmetics always check for ingredients and the less chemical content, the better. The more chemicals used on the body the higher chances of developing eczema, skin cancer and allergies. When you use herbal and organic skin care product, not only the skin is able to breath but it does not accumulate toxins under the skin layer.

Choose skin care products that are marked organic or contain essential oils, natural fragrances, milk, honey and extracts of plants, flowers and herbs. Usually, organic products are alkaline with minimum chemicals and can be bought online or from health car stores. There are many online stores where you can browse and buy a product which will probably suit your skin better than what is available in your neighborhood stores. With the whole world products available at a click of your mouse, why don't you check out today and get something to bring back the youthful skin again?

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Scar Treatment Options

Scar Treatment Options By: Valerie DeVette

The human body usually receives a variety of injuries, including penetrating trauma, burn trauma and blunt trauma. All of these injuries set into motion an orderly sequence of events that are involved in the healing response, in which the normal functional tissue (skin) is replaced by connective tissue (scar) and the healing response is characterized by the movement of specialized cells into the wound site.

There are a variety of different scars that can be formed after any given injury has occurred. The following is a brief explanation of some of these types of scars.

What are pigmentary scars? A pigmentary scar is the result of multiple types of damage and can occur anywhere on the body but commonly means that there is no textural change in the skin, but the skin is noticeably discolored relative to normal skin color. A pigmentary scar may be light, lighter or darker or redder than the normal skin and requires to be approached very carefully in repairing with surgical or laser procedures. Caution is crucial because over-correction of the scar will produce a scar of a different color more difficult to treat.

What are hormone-induced scars? Hormone-induced scars commonly refer to melasma hormonal pigmentary disorders, which commonly occur exclusively in women but not always. And they are usually on the face but not exclusively. Also, they are tremendously difficult to treat. Melasma or hormonal coloration change needs very slow, step-wise reversal medically with the use of lasers and needs lifelong proper use of sunscreen to maintain clear.

How are acne scars treated? Acne scars can appear anyplace on the body, not only the face. They can be of various shapes and depth and can be addressed in numerous ways: sometimes with chemical peel methods, other times with surgical scar removal laser or micro-dermabrasion procedures, and with natural topical creams. No matter of the scar or number of scars, it is a long-term process to efficiently minimize acne scar visibility.

How are animal bite scars treated? They're commonly treated by blending them to the surrounding non-scar skin. Usual blending involves topical medical products to soften the scars -such as rosehip oil-, followed by resurfacing laser and microdermabrasion procedures for blending surface quality. And if there is a remaining color mismatch then oftentimes, permanent make-up, tattooing, is employed at the end.

Is cortisone still used as a treatment for skin scars? Cortisone can be applied both topically and by injection into the wound to promote better healing and scar creation reduction.There is great artistry needed for the injectible cortisone to work well and it is best done by someone who clinically does this frequently..

Topical Treatments When considering topical biological products we must take into account that the skin is a barrier to exterior environment and will not let all products that argue to be cosmetic or dermatological ingredients into it, in the same way as it does not allow most airborne pollutants into it.

The truth is that the skin works as a filter to assess and determines the relationship - the user-friendliness, if you will - to the inner body itself. The skin is a very adaptable organ. It is made to adapt to the ambience so it can help to keep us alive in any given climate. The most immediate ambience to our skin is what we apply on it topically. Yes, the skin care and cosmetics we select.

By: Valerie DeVette

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