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Benefits Of Coconut Oil – Homemade Skin Care And More

Benefits Of Coconut Oil – Homemade Skin Care And More

Coconuts are solid, oval shaped, fruits produced by the palm tree. Palm trees are found in more than eighty-six countries around the world, mostly located in the tropics. Some people refer to the coconut tree as the "tree of life" because of the rich vitamins and minerals found in coconuts. Coconut oil is extracted from coconuts. This natural oil is a solid fat, white in color, appears crystalline and offers a multitude of benefits. The benefits of coconut oil include:

Prevents pre-mature aging of skin

Repairs damaged skin tissue

Wards off sun damage

Helps bring back youthful appearance

Helps prevent yeast infection in skin

Aids in removing dead skin cells(

Helps eliminate plantar warts / athlete's foot (when mixed with garlic)(

Helps keep connective skin tissue strong and supple

Protects against liver spots on skin(

Helps reduce chronic skin inflammation

Soothing for wounds(

Combats wrinkles, skin discoloration, wrinkles(

Assist in treating psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis (

Reduces roughness or dry skin scaling

Soothing for chapped or irritated lips(

Firms, softens, smoothes and moisturizes skin

Helps prevent acne, herpes and warts

Softens hair

(Conditions scalp(

Helps get rid of dandruff

Has an antiseptic, antifungal and anti-bacterial property

High in anti-oxidants(

Contains health promoting nutrients

Protects against arthritis, heart disease, cancer and diabetes

Aids in digestion

Strengthens immune system

Stimulates metabolism(

Helps yield a fluffy lather in soap

Improves thyroid function

Escalates energy levels

Has an anti-viral property(

Has stress relieving aroma

Many commercial skin care products such as soap, lotion, and cream, are made with cheap refined vegetable oils. Sometimes chemical solvents are used during this refining process. During this refining process, anti-oxidants are stripped away allowing skin to be vulnerable for free-radical generation, causing skin to age faster. Instead, coconut oil is high in anti-oxidants penetrating the underlying skin tissues preventing and protecting against the formation of free radicals. Virgin coconut oil is non-hydrogenated containing a lauric acid, a natural anti-microbial proven to fight viruses and bacteria.

Some commercial body care products tend not to, even, use cheap refined vegetable oils. Instead, they use something worse such as mineral oil and byproducts of refined oil. Also, foaming agents and surfactants are often added to commercial soap to generate lather. These chemicals are known to cause allergy and skin sensitization.

Many commercial soaps are now including chemically produced, unnatural, anti-bacterial agents, like Triclosan, in order to claim the soap has anti-bacterial properties. Triclosan is an environmental toxin in its own right and is still completely legal to add to commercial soap! Now that is a skin care concern!

How is coconut oil used? It is found in a variety of bath and body products. It is found in many foods and used for cooking or frying. It is used as massage oil for relieving stress, tension or anxiety. It is used in a variety of ways.

There is natural homemade goat milk lotion, handcrafted with virgin coconut oil and other natural ingredients. This homemade lotion comes in a variety of natural fragrances including: lavender, juicy orange and peppy citrus. It also comes, Au natural, unscented with no added fragrance. This natural homemade lotion is extremely mild and gentle. It soothes and moisturizes dry skin, dry itchy skin, sensitive skin, dry flaky skin and more.

Natural homemade goat milk soap, containing coconut oil, is available in bar and liquid varieties. This homemade soap comes in natural fragrances such as: orange tree, peppy citrus, peppermint coffee, lavender, aloe and oats and, even, a unique alpaca wool felted soap! It also comes au natural, unscented, with no added fragrance.

Natural goat milk soap is extremely healthful for many different skin types. People with psoriasis, eczema, dry flaky skin, acne and more notice the difference between using natural goat milk soap and regular commercial soap the very time they use it! Goat milk soap is extremely mild and gentle with healthful skin care properties. This natural homemade soap, made with coconut oil, offers nice bubbly lather compared to commercial soap using foaming agents and cheap mineral oil.

You do not need to use commercial skin products that use cheap refined vegetable oils, cheap mineral oils, foaming agents, surfactants, unnatural, chemically produced, anti-bacterial agents and more. Instead you can find homemade skin care products using natural coconut oil and other natural skin care ingredients. The coconut oil benefits are multiple and healthful!

By: Susan Katchur

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