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Botox And Other Treatments At Medical Spas

Botox And Other Treatments At Medical Spas

Wrinkles, cellulite and thin lips - that's what you see when you look in the mirror. You are afraid to go under the knife for a lift and some of those skin treatments sound scary, painful and you really don’t like hospitals or clinics.

Forget about sucking out the fat! So what can you do? You can look into the treatments offered at a medical spa. At this type of facility, you can get treatments like Botox and Restylane in a spa-like atmosphere. Here are some of the injectables and treatments offered at medical spas to help rejuvenate your look:

> Botox- Everyone has heard of botox. Yes, it is derived from a toxin that causes paralysis, but as a skin treatment, it is perfectly safe if used properly. Botox is used to smooth out dynamic wrinkles. These are the ones that show up anytime you show emotion or have an expression, like the mouth and the brow. A tiny needle is used to make several injections throughout the treatment area. The most you feel is a little pin prick.

> Restylane- This injectable is safe and biocompatible as it is made up of hyaluronic acid, a substance the body naturally makes. Typically, restylane is used to treat the lower portion of your face. It is good for smoothing out lines around the lips and under the eyes. It is also good for adding volume to your lips.

> Cellulite reduction- Whether you call it cellulite or cottage cheese, we all have it and it is unattractive. Medical spas offer non-invasive ways of reducing the appearance of cellulite without liposuction. One method uses a machine with rollers and suction. This machine utilizes heat and the manipulation.

The rollers and suction work to break up the fat layer just under the skin. Large fat cells pushed to the surface cause the cottage cheese effect. The machine smooths out the area and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

Another technique involves an injection of vitamins, amino acids and other medications just under the skin. The combination of these substances works to break up the large fat cells and smooth out the appearance of cellulite.

If you decide to visit a medical spa for your rejuvenation treatments, check out the facility and the staff first. There should be medical doctors and nurses on staff to administer the treatments. Make sure your doctor is certified and licensed to use Botox and other injectables. Also, make sure the facility is prepared for complications. While this is rare, it is possible to have a reaction to the substances.

So, if you don't like clinical settings and hate knives, a relaxing trip to the medical spa should work for you. In this type of unique facility, they strive to give the benefits of a hospital with the ambiance of a day spa. You may get aromatherapy treatment or a massage prior to treatment to help relax you. Soft music in the background and mood lighting also help calm the nerves. In 30 minutes, you can be relaxed and look younger too!

By: A Aaronson

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