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Acne Anti Aging Skin Care Products

Acne Anti Aging Skin Care Products

There is a wide variety of anti aging skin care products that you can choose from, if you go to your favorite retail store your will find many skin creams that are popular, however the most popular creams are not the best ones or the safest for your skin.

Many of the creams on the market are focused on just short term solutions that can harm your skin in the long run, what you need is to use a cream that contain natural ingredients that have proven to heal your skin, have anti aging effects and will protect your skin from toxins damage that causes wrinkles, acne, blemishes, age spots, etc.

If you have acne you also need natural skin creams that will clean your skin and have strong anti oxidants to protect it from further damage caused by free radicals.

So the best option are all natural anti aging creams that contain ingredients such as vitamin e, CynergyTk, wakame kelp, avocado extract, manuka honey and others. Those natural ingredients have strong anti oxidants and improve collagen production within your skin to regenerate cells and vanish wrinkles.

Following a healthy diet, exercising, using sunscreen, drinking plenty of water are also very strong recommendations that you should follow every day in order to keep your skin clean and wrinkle free. The sun is one of the major causes of skin damage that you should avoid.

Having a glowing looking skin can be achieved at any age as long as you follow a healthy lifestyle and you use the right creams that will help your skin regenerate it self naturally without causing any secondary effects.

Now its your call, get a treatment or use the natural creams of to improve collagen and elastin in the dermis of your skin.

By: Ray A. Rubio

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Botox And Other Treatments At Medical Spas

Botox And Other Treatments At Medical Spas

Wrinkles, cellulite and thin lips - that's what you see when you look in the mirror. You are afraid to go under the knife for a lift and some of those skin treatments sound scary, painful and you really don’t like hospitals or clinics.

Forget about sucking out the fat! So what can you do? You can look into the treatments offered at a medical spa. At this type of facility, you can get treatments like Botox and Restylane in a spa-like atmosphere. Here are some of the injectables and treatments offered at medical spas to help rejuvenate your look:

> Botox- Everyone has heard of botox. Yes, it is derived from a toxin that causes paralysis, but as a skin treatment, it is perfectly safe if used properly. Botox is used to smooth out dynamic wrinkles. These are the ones that show up anytime you show emotion or have an expression, like the mouth and the brow. A tiny needle is used to make several injections throughout the treatment area. The most you feel is a little pin prick.

> Restylane- This injectable is safe and biocompatible as it is made up of hyaluronic acid, a substance the body naturally makes. Typically, restylane is used to treat the lower portion of your face. It is good for smoothing out lines around the lips and under the eyes. It is also good for adding volume to your lips.

> Cellulite reduction- Whether you call it cellulite or cottage cheese, we all have it and it is unattractive. Medical spas offer non-invasive ways of reducing the appearance of cellulite without liposuction. One method uses a machine with rollers and suction. This machine utilizes heat and the manipulation.

The rollers and suction work to break up the fat layer just under the skin. Large fat cells pushed to the surface cause the cottage cheese effect. The machine smooths out the area and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

Another technique involves an injection of vitamins, amino acids and other medications just under the skin. The combination of these substances works to break up the large fat cells and smooth out the appearance of cellulite.

If you decide to visit a medical spa for your rejuvenation treatments, check out the facility and the staff first. There should be medical doctors and nurses on staff to administer the treatments. Make sure your doctor is certified and licensed to use Botox and other injectables. Also, make sure the facility is prepared for complications. While this is rare, it is possible to have a reaction to the substances.

So, if you don't like clinical settings and hate knives, a relaxing trip to the medical spa should work for you. In this type of unique facility, they strive to give the benefits of a hospital with the ambiance of a day spa. You may get aromatherapy treatment or a massage prior to treatment to help relax you. Soft music in the background and mood lighting also help calm the nerves. In 30 minutes, you can be relaxed and look younger too!

By: A Aaronson

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Preventing Aging Skin - Useful Tips Which You Must Know

Preventing Aging Skin - Useful Tips Which You Must Know

Preventing aging skin, contrary to what you may think, is surprisingly easy. All you need to do is to find a good skin care product and use it regularly. While this might sound too simple to be true, it actually works.

Although we can’t prevent aging, we can make some changes to reduce the visible signs of aging. For example, make a decision to change your lifestyle step by step. Start off by implementing an exercise routine at least 3 times a week. If this is already a regular part of your week, try incorporating some interval training or weight lifting sessions. This will further enhance the benefits to your body which will make you look fitter and younger in a relatively short period of time

Aging skin is something we all either have or will have. Other signs of aging skin are the appearance of dark spots due to sudden dryness of skin and loss of oil content of the skin on the face. Aging skin is probably the only skin condition that neither of us can avoid. As many people are aware, what goes inside will show on the outside.

Instead of wondering what you should do to reverse the signs of aging skin, you should work to prevent the problem from occurring in the first place. There are many things that you can do to help your skin look better and hold off the aging process for many more years.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a good start. You know the drill, eat well and avoid processed foods, take aways, sugary drinks and food. Get enough exercise and rest. No smoking and you are off to a good start.

Try to drink at least 8 glasses of filtered water daily so that your skin has plenty of moisture. Water also flushes out toxins from your body and helps your weight to normalize. If you do not like water add a slice of lemon or lime. That will make a huge difference.

The signs of aging skin that are most commonly complained about are wrinkles, fine lines, sagginess, age spots, and under eye puffiness and circles. If you want to get rid of these signs of aging, you need to first look for a worthy product line. It’s tough these days to find truly effective skin care products since most companies are more concerned with marketing and advertising their products more than researching and developing them. In fact, I’d say that the skin care industry stopped making quality products and ingredients decades ago.

Any anti aging skin care guide should include the best type of sunscreen to use. To keep the sun from causing more damage, avoid the UV and UVB rays that cause the damage. This can be done by direct sunlight for too long a period and wearing a broad-spectrum sun block. One that protects against just one form of solar radiation is leaving the skin vulnerable to the other– and to wrinkles.

By: Hutch Peter

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6 Simple Habits For The Most Effective Skincare

6 Simple Habits For The Most Effective Skincare

Everyone has a tip for keeping skin healthy and young-looking. It’s hard to know which advice to follow. Some people can be totally convincing, but absolutely wrong.

Well, for sure, avoid what you see in magazines. Many big name cosmetics companies pay big bucks to put ads in magazines. Magazine editors are influenced by this and often slant their content toward using their skincare products.

t’s hard to know if they really work unless you use them yourself. For daily skin maintenance, here are some tips that I know work. Try to work a few of them into your day-to-day routine and your skin will look more beautiful.

Don’t over-cleanse your face. A few splashes of warm water in the morning and a proper cleanse before bed is enough. Too much washing causes dryness and irritation.

Moisturize frequently. Use a day cream and a night cream for the most effective skincare. Your moisturizing product should only contain effective, natural ingredients like grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, avocado extract, and shea butter.

On occasion, use a hydrating mask. Rubbing topical creams onto your skin is good, but sometimes it’s necessary to get a deep moisturizing face and neck treatment. A deep cleansing mask containing bentone gel and kaolin clay will remove dirt and grime deposits in your pores.

Be careful with eye skincare products. The skin under the eyes is very delicate; look for ingredients such as Eyeliss and Haloxyl. These two are clinically proven to reduce under-eye circles, wrinkles, and bags.

Avoid skin creams with an SPF factor. SPF factors have been linked to cancer. Wear a hat or carry a sun umbrella to reduce your exposure to strong sunlight.

Drink more water and sweat. Water rejuvenates the skin. And exercise, besides improving your physique, will also improve your skin tone. Sweat out those toxins.

Make all of the above habits and your skin will look more radiant. For a new habit to form, you have to do it for 21 days straight. I recommend adding only one of these new habits at a time to ensure success.

To learn more about the most effective skincare, especially the things to look for on product labels, visit my site. You should know which ingredients you want and which to avoid.

By: Carol Truesdale

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Discover The Best Skincare Brand

Discover The Best Skincare Brand
By: Laurel Levine

If you have been thinking for all of this time that skincare reviews were a valid source of information then you'd better think again. These kinds of appraisals will certainly not lead you to an educated decision as far as to what is the best skincare brand. Let me fill you in on why that is.

All that you're basically getting when you read skincare reviews is a sales pitch for the chosen product. Either they come from source of the company whose product is represented, or they come from a retailer who is paid money by the products manufacturer to "push" the product in order to increase sales volume.

Because these appraisals are nothing but a corporate promotion there is absolutely no way that you are going to be able to find out what the best skincare brand is. You are actually not even going to get the full story on the product under review, and it's the things that they don't tell you that is the problem.

The typical skincare reviews like to air brush the products that they are appraising in order to cover up their flaws. They may tell you all about the all natural ingredients that the products contain, but then somehow forget to tell you that the chemical preservatives that they use have been linked to cancer in studies.

If it really were the best skincare brand then the product would contain an all natural preservative agent also, such as active New Zealand Manuka honey. This is an ingredient that is known the world over for its antibacterial and antifungal strength. It is very difficult to find a product that contains preservatives such as that.

These skincare reviews won't tell you that the product contains ingredients that are either useless, or in some cases dangerous. For example, the inclusion of collagen in products meant for topical use will not do anything to benefit you as collagen is too dense to be able to effectively penetrate your skin.

As far a being dangerous the U.S. FDA has considered a ban on the use of Botox alternatives in creams and lotions sold over the counter. They say that they consider it to be possibly harmful to allow people unsupervised use of a product which causes muscle paralysis. The best skincare brand will not include such ingredients.

If skincare reviews were to be honest with you they would tell you that the only way that a product can be effective is to have ingredients that will actually reverse the internal processes that are causing your skin to age. The fact that your rate of collagen and elastin production has slowed being chief among them.

They would tell you that the best skincare brand contains a natural ingredient called Functional Keratin, which greatly increases your collagen and elastin production to the point where your fine lines and wrinkles seem to magically fade away. You will look years younger with no ill effects.

Skincare reviews would inform you about safe, natural, effective ingredients like this if they weren't trying so hard to convince you of the merits of something that you don't need.

By: Laurel Levine

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Skin Care For Common Skin Problems

Skin Care For Common Skin Problems
By: "Rich jammes"

First, if you have a skin disease, talk to your doctor about the best skin care regimen for the problem you are dealing with.

This skin care is going to have specific steps for you to take that target the problem of your specific disease.

The goal is to completely stop the disease and often requires prescription medicationzx However, there are many steps you can take to eliminate problems on your own through prevention.

If you have the proper skin care routine already in place, it might help to keep any problems from popping up.

However, even the best skin care regimen will not prevent all skin diseases and having a disease on your skin does not mean you are dirty or have taken poor care of your skin, no matter what your grandmother told you!

Wrinkle Reduction Tip

So while you're working on those wrinkles, don't forget to consider other aspects of your skin, especially on your face:

1. Color problems may be blotches, red or brown spots, and discolorations. These may sometimes be treated with creams and coverings, or more permanent treatment such as laser removal.

2. Texture problems include flakes, scales, dullness, roughness, large pores, etc. There is often an accumulation of dead cells on the surface or in the pores that leads to large pores, dullness, and tired-looking skin.

3. Contour problems include, of course, lines and wrinkles. But they may also include jowls, sagging skin, and bags under the eyes. These facial skin problems can be treated with skin care methods and products that don't require expensive prescriptions or visits to a dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

Dr. Schultz details a simple 4-Step routine, one for the morning, and another for the evening:

STEP ONE -- Cleanse the facial skin. No vigorous scrubbing or washcloths allowed! Massage a small amount of cleanser for ten or fifteen seconds and wash off with warm (not hot or cold) water.

STEP TWO -- Use toner, which completes the cleansing process. Use a soft thin cotton pad.

Acne Skin Problems

Acne treatments do not necessarily have to involve oral medications. But conventional solutions may produce good results.

Application of topical solutions, dermatological treatments and use of medications could provide good solutions to your aggravated skin problems.

However, some people may not react positively (or may not react at all) to these solutions.

This is why it is important to note that there are the remedies that could be used to help your acne production subside.

There are simple natural solutions you could use to eliminate the excessive oil production and the irregular bumps of your skin and these include the ones we have enumerated below.

Nature's Best Natural Skin Lotion

Natures best natural skin lotions are mostly made from the combination of plant based ingredients and herbs.

They help in hydrating the skin and also help a lot in making your skin softer and fresh from within.

Different kinds of herbs, oils, plant oils, enzymes etc make the perfect combination to heal skin problems and these ingredients make up the natures best natural skin lotion to be used effectively for all the skin problems.

Natural anti-oxidants used in the nature's best natural skin lotion are mostly Vitamin E.

This is because in assimilation with other anti oxidants and chemicals, it helps in cleaning and purifying skin from within as well as helps in making the skin wrinkle free while removing lines too.

Many types of Co-enzymes are used to help fight the skin problems and remove harmful radicals from the skin and one of them is CoQ10 which is really effective, however only one of CoQ10( nano- emulsion) is useful in being an ingredient for the natures best natural skin lotion.

By: "Rich jammes"

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Skin Care - Vital Need For Human Being

Skin Care - Vital Need For Human Being
By: Rising Sidekick

Skin care is of vital importance, since skin is the largest and most visible organ of your body. Like the heart, stomach, and the brain, your skin is an organ. Infact, it is the largest organ in your body, but it is still easy to take skin for granted.

Unless there‘s a problem, you may not think about your skin very much. However, skin has an important job to do. Your skin is constantly protecting you.

Your skin keeps infections out of your body and keeps you from getting sick. By taking care of your skin, you are helping your skin do its job.
Taking care of your skin today will help prevent future problems, like wrinkles and even skin cancer. Serious skin care is about maintaining a healthy and glowing skin all through your life.

As you grow older, your body's natural skin care mechanisms become weaker.

So, "serious skin care" is about responding to the changing needs of your skin. Thus, "serious skin care" is about constantly evaluating, analyzing and changing your skin care routines.

Skin care is also about awareness. With the technological advancements and research, more and more facts are being brought to light everyday.
In addition, the composition and nature of skin care products seems to be changing with time. So trying out the new products is also a part of this care.
However, serious skin care advises using a new product over a small patch of skin (not facial skin) first, just to see how your skin reacts to it.

The types of skin care products for specific purpose have their composition perfect and they contain the right ingredients in the right amount.

Therefore, they are more effective as well. Due to the perfect composition only small amounts of these products is enough to get good results.

Moreover, they work faster as well. As their composition is known exactly, their mechanism in the body and all their possible effects are well known. Therefore, in the officially accepted medical skin care products do not have any side effects.

However, even if they have some side effects they are known and therefore they can be easily controlled as well.

One more advantage of the medical skin care products is that they are available in such forms that they can be conveniently applied or taken.

For example while applying the topical medical skin care products you do not need to apply a thick paste on the skin for sometime with which you are not able to go out.

You can keep the topical medical skin care products on the skin for the whole day as well.

Choosing a skin care product primarily depends on what kind of problem you are facing – like hair, facial skin, problem on body part skin, under eye, etc.

In addition, different types of skin care products are recommended for different skin types – oily/dry/dry-sensitive/normal – combination, acne prone, acne oily.

Awareness of the problem will always lead you to choose the right product for your self or by dermatologist’s prescription

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Friday, May 2, 2008

Seven Skin Care Tips

Seven Skin Care Tips
By Candie Zimmer

Almost everyone would like to preserve the youthfulness of their skin for as long as possible. And while the Fountain of Youth has not yet been discovered, there are several things you can do to preserve your skin's smooth appearance and feel long beyond your years. Pull out your notebook and jot down these suggestions:

Tips 1.

Remember in the summertime, to use sunscreen. If you don't remember anything else or find money in your budget for none of these other suggestions, please use sunscreen. Preferably you should use one with an SPF ("Sun Protection Factor" ) of at least 15--or more. Use it daily, especially if you plan to be outside for any length of time.

Tips 2.

Remember that the rays of the sun are at their strongest between about 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. During these times you should especially make sure you apply your sunscreen repeatedly. Also, take frequent indoor breaks during these hours. A good rule of thumb is that, whenever your shadow is longer than you, it's much safer to be outside in the sun. Even then, though, you should wear sunscreen.

Tips 3.

Remember that diet affects your skin. If you regularly eat junk foods, you can expect your skin to be negatively affected. Do your skin a favor and replace those potato chips and cookies with fruits and vegetables. This will go a long way toward giving you a smoother complexion.
In fact, most people who make drastic, positive changes in their diets begin noticing positive changes with their skin in a matter of a few weeks. Foods that especially benefit your skin include those with plenty of omega-3 acids, and Vitamins A and E. Truthfully, though, any food that's good for your overall health is probably good for your skin.

Tips 4.

What you drink is also important. Specifically, you should get in the habit of drinking lots of water. Almost every skin-care expert will tell you that their number one suggestion for improving a person's complexion is to drink about 64 ounces of water a day.

Tips 5.

Remember that, just as in summer, there are specific steps you must take in winter time to ensure the health of your skin. The cold air can drain moisture from your skin, causing it to look dry and chapped. Because of this, it's important for you to continue to use sunscreen on your neck, face and other uncovered parts of the body when going outside.

Refrain from long, hot showers, since this tends to deplete your skin's natural moisturizer. And finally, there is a Chinese herbal tonic you can try: That's simply mixing lemon with a glass of hot water, and drinking a glass every day. This is supposed to get rid of many of the toxins that are responsible for skin problems.

Tips 6.

There really is such a thing as "beauty sleep," so get plenty of it. Studies show that people who get an inadequate amount of sleep tend to have skin that does not repair damage sufficiently. The result is slackness and wrinkles.

Tips 7.

Smile! It really is true that too much frowning can cause wrinkles in the face. In short, the secret to keeping young skin is staying happy, eating and drinking healthy, and getting plenty of sleep. And don't forget the sunscreen! True we don't have a fountain of youth; but a healthy lifestyle is the next best thing.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tips For Daily Skin Care and Health

Tips For Daily Skin Care and Health
by Chris Robertson

Most of us have to work hard to enjoy healthy skin.

This means keeping a daily routine for good skin care and health so our skin is able to renew itself and replenish old, dead skin cells with new, healthy cells.

Skin is exposed to harsh chemicals every day along with harmful sun rays, cosmetics, and possibly other agents in the air depending on the environment in which we live and work.

A daily skin care routine can help your skin look healthy day in and day out.

Before getting started, analyze your current routine (if you have one) for skin care and health.

Is it working? Does your skin have frequent rashes or acne breakouts?

Does your skin seem excessively dry, scaly, or oily?

What types of skin care products do you use and how do they affect your skin's texture?

Once you know how your current routine is working, you can make the necessary changes for healthier skin.

Beware of Some Skin Care Products

Use skin care products with care.

Observe how the products affect your skin's texture and your complexion.

Does the product cause drying, itching, or redness?

Does the product cause your skin to become very oily?

Some skin care products can cause allergic reactions because of the ingredients or chemicals they contain.

Some may contain cancer-causing chemicals or reproductive toxins.

Read labels carefully to be sure you know what ingredients are included.

Opt for Natural Skin Care

Natural skin care and health products are often the best solutions because they usually do not contain harmful chemicals.

A good ingredient to look for is aloe vera.

Aloe vera is probably one of the most effective natural skin enhancers available.

It comes from the aloe vera plant leaf, which has a healing gel inside.

Aloe gel is usually mixed with other ingredients to enhance its skin care and health properties.

Starting a Skin Care Routine

A daily skin care routine should contain three main elements: cleansing, toning, and moisturizing.

It should be done at night before bedtime so your skin can have time to replenish old, dead cells with new ones as you sleep.

Cleansing removes dirt, makeup, and excess oil from the surface of the skin as well as the skin's pores.

Toning helps improve the skin's texture after cleansing, particularly for oily skin. Moisturizing helps replenish water or moisture in the skin.

For a weekly routine, exfoliation can help remove dead skin cells.

Facial scrubs or cloths can be used for exfoliation.

These should be used gently on the skin.

You can also use a facial mask occasionally to help improve your skin.

Some all-natural products that contain aloe vera can be used to perform many tasks in one, such as cleansing, moisturizing, revitalizing, and nourishing the skin.

They can also be used to protect the skin throughout the day from excessive sun exposure or other harmful elements.

Even if using other skin care and health products, aloe-based natural products can greatly enhance these to give you maximum skin health because they contain nutrients the skin cells require.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dry Skin Care - How to Improve Your Skin

Dry Skin Care - How to Improve Your
by Howard L Haines

Dry skin can cause an uncomfortable feeling and is usually unattractive, thus people with dry skin our looking for solutions to their problem.

Dry skin is typically not a serious health problem, however it changes healthy skin cells into withered cells and often produces wrinkles.

Some people have skin disorders categorized as ichtyosis which are severe dry skin conditions that are usually due to heredity.

Dry skin does not have the ability to hold moisture. People with extreme dry skin have cracking signs that are noticeable.

People with dry skin might notice their condition becoming worse when exposed to wind, hot and cold weather conditions, a low humidity environment and air conditioning.


For dry skin care doctors typically recommend using moisturizers which reduce the amount of moisture that escapes your skin by providing a seal.

Thick moisturizers are preferred such as Cetaphil and Eucerin.

It is also recommended to purchase cosmetic products that contain moisturizing substances. For those with extremely dry skin you might want to use oil on your skin such as baby oil and apply it while your skin is moist.

For dry skin care, experts recommend that you choose cleansing creams or mild skin cleansing products instead of using soap on your skin.

If you want to use soaps you might want to consider selecting soaps such as Dove or Neutrogena which are milder than basic soaps.

Deodorants can create problems for dry skin as well as anti-bacterial detergent products. When choosing dry skin care products try a variety of products and find the items that help make your skin feel smooth and soft after you apply them.

Showering and Bathing

Dermatologists recommend that you avoid using hot water while showering or bathing since hot water seems to reduce the amount of oil your skin contains.

Also, it is preferable that you take a short shower or bath.

After washing your face or taking a shower pat your skin with a soft towel and proceed to moisturize your skin by applying a cream or oil.

A useful dry skin care recommendation is to use a humidifier in order to prevent hot, dry air from drying out your skin and causing uncomfortable itchiness.

Cotton and silk which are natural fibers are the preferred material when choosing clothes to wear.

These natural fibers provide an opportunity for your skin to breath.

However, wool is a natural fiber you should avoid wearing since it can cause irritation of the skin. Another dry skin care suggestion is to choose a detergent for washing your clothes that does not contain perfumes or dyes.

These are some of the dry skin care suggestions that can improve your dry skin.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Glowing Skin - Learn about Skin Care

Glowing Skin - Learn about Skin Care by Goran Thisell

The secret to having beautiful skin is available to everyone not just the rich and famous; providing you are willing to put in the time for your skin care on a regular basis you should see some beneficial results.

Although it still happens in the West, women are beginning to learn that beautiful skin does not come at the end of a knife but with other more natural methods. The best thing about modern beauty care products other than their cost is the fact they are generally natural so cannot harm the person who is using them.

When we think of beauty care products for the skin we typically picture cold cream and anti-aging formulas but there are countless items that promote healthy, youthful skin and these may be some of the most important beauty care products on the market. We often forget that our skin is an organ that needs looking after as it has a difficult job to and needs regular help.

Skin care needs to be carried out in the right order so step one is to cleanse the skin of all the contaminants that attack it everyday. Gently massage your cleanser into your skin in circular motions using your fingertips and then rinse off with warm water but only pat your skin with a soft towel to dry it.

The cleanser can affect the PH balance of your skin so the nest step is to use a toner which will restore this balance. Make sure that you take time to add a little lotion and massage to your routine as moisturizers make your skin look and feel soft and supple and can minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Beauty care products that moisturize the skin also form a barrier to lock in the moisture so the skin does not dry out.

As a regular aspect of your skin care regime you should use a natural peel or exfoliant once or twice a week which helps remove dead skin which can clog the pores. It is important to remove all traces of the peel or exfoliant so you will need to cleanse the skin and then tone and moisturize as normal.

For those people that suffer with puffy or baggy skin below the eyes, formulated beauty care product creams are able to help alleviate this problem making the skin much suppler and improving its elasticity.

Taking some form of daily exercise and drinking plenty of water are two things you don't need to spend a fortune on but will really improve the skin tone and feel. The health of your skin should not be underestimated, not just for vanity reasons but for our overall health as it is a barrier against the elements, pollution and disease

Friday, March 28, 2008

Get The Best Acne Skin Care Treatment

Get The Best Acne Skin Care Treatment By Saris Hunsanugrom

Acne is a pesky skin ailment that leads to blemishes and pimples on skin. It is an inflammatory disease of skin known as Acne Vulgaris. It is usually caused due to changes in the skin structure and pilosebaceous units.

However, acne is a common phenomenon during pubescent years. However, it makes one appear dull as the acne leads to dry and rough skin. In many cases, those who face acne problems feel afraid of making public appearances as acne makes them appear dull and unimpressive.

And, if you are looking for acne treatment skincare, make sure you stay away from all fatty and greasy food items as oily skin aggravates acne conditions. A balanced and healthy diet helps you in nutrition to your body.

Changing your lifestyle and staying away from unhealthy junk food helps you in staying in shape as well as fighting acne in an easy way. While facing acne, it is necessary to take good amount of citrus fruits and water so as to detoxify your body from toxicants. It is seen that stressful life aggravates existing acne conditions.

Apart from having a proper diet, it is essential to pursue timely acne treatment skincare in order to recover from acne. Using a good face wash helps you in cleaning your skin pores. Exfoliating masques and cleaners are the best way to manage your acne in an easy way as it cleanses the deep pores of your skin and makes it appear smooth and glowing.

Make sure you use anti bacterial cleansers that kills acne causing bacteria. You can get anti bacteria gels, creams and lotions from your nearest chemist store. Try those anti bacteria creams that contain benzoyl peroxide. Using skin astringents and water based cosmetics in order to revive from skin itching and irritations in a simple way.

However, if these acne treatment skincare do not provide you enough relief, you can check your nearest dermatologist who provides you with acne treatment skincare. Some of popular acne treatment skincare includes photo pneumatic therapy, where skin suction and light treatment is performed on skin.

In the light ray's therapy, blue light destroys inflammation causing bacteria. Light and heat helps in destroying bacteria that affects sebaceous glands. With the photo pneumatic therapy acne treatment skincare, some of side effects include swelling and redness. However, these are minor effects that heal with the time and you get healthy skin.

Therefore, if you are facing niggling acne problems, make sure you go for proper treatment and recover from bothersome acne that makes you appear dull and ugly. Take proper care of you skin and improve upon your eating habits in order to recover from acne.

Don't forget that a good diet that is free from unhealthy fats helps in reducing acne in an easy way. Along with a healthy diet, use quality anti bacteria skin creams to clean and exfoliate your skin in a hassle free way. So, next time you face acne, get the best acne treatment skincare. With acne treatment skincare, say goodbye to acne

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Basics of Anti Aging Skin Care

Basics of Anti Aging Skin Care

If there is something that is sought with all the strength of human beings, it is the formula for eternal youth.

The quest has been on ever since ancient times, when humans set out to find out that elusive fountain of youth.

In the meantime, humans have stumbled upon a good number of processes, cosmetics, and anti aging skin care techniques which reverse (to some extent) and control the aging of the skin

What are the Most Effective Ingredients for Skin Rejuvenation?

The number one form of anti-aging skin care is without doubt the Vitamin A derivative Retin A, which was discovered a decade or so ago, when an elderly woman observed that all her wrinkles disappeared as if by magic following the application of the medication prescribed by her doctor.

Ever since, Retin A has been one of the most effective ingredients of an anti-aging skin care regime.

The downside here is that this is available only with a doctor’s prescription, and it is prescribed for eye problems.

There are a good number of milder concoctions with retinol which can be bought over-the-counter.

Most of these would contain about one percent or so retinol. The treatment’s strength would increase with the increase in the content of retinol.

Though such a treatment can work wonders with your skin, be warned that it can also aggravate the skin with rashes.

The next most popular form of anti-aging skin care is alpha hydroxyl acid, or the AHA chemical exfoliator.

The most common here will be the glycolic acid, which is normally used in concentrations between 8 and 15 percent.

The impact this has on the skin is almost as amazing as the Retin A. You will find this ingredient in almost all the anti-aging cosmetic products available in the market today.

There is one more excellent group of ingredients that complement anti-aging skin care treatment through skin care and repair.

This can be achieved by using products that contain rejuvenation ingredients such as Vitamin C (which is an excellent antioxidant), Kinetin, as well as DMAE and GHK copper peptides among others. It is important that the skin is given sufficient time to repair itself.

Lastly, it is necessary to mention that absolutely no anti-aging skin care treatment can succeed without using adequate protection against the sun.

This is a very critical aspect, because the sun simply draws all the moisture out of the skin, at the same time damaging its texture with its UV rays.

Thus, you should always use a good sunscreen when you have to move outdoors.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Organic Skin Care Without Chemical Preservatives

Organic Skin Care Without Chemical Preservatives by Stergios Bekas

I was surprised other skincare brands are still calling their products organic, yet they contain harmful chemical preservatives. For example, they use organic ingredients and then mix them with chemicals for preservation.

A study, reported in the January 2004 edition of the Journal of Applied Toxicology, found parabens to be the most common cosmetic preservative present in significant amounts in 18 out of 20 breast cancer tumors.

Kim Erickson, author of Drop Dead Gorgeous, states, "Cosmetic chemicals accumulate in the body's fatty tissues, where they can remain for years and damage your cells."

This is where I saw an opportunity! I want to end the madness. End the impurity.

I developed a way to include only natural ingredients to preserve precious organic ingredients - and found that natural preservatives are even great for your skin, like Jojoba.

I also realized most companies use water base to make most of their product.

The FDA requires skincare ingredients to be listed in order of highest concentrations - meaning the most prominent must be listed first.

Take a look at the lotion you are using today. Does it have water listed first? Does it have some chemical name ingredient listed first?

That means that its the highest concentration in ingredient you are applying to your skin. Learn to read your labels.

There are some great companies out there that offer organic skin, however, there are also some companies out there that may hide their chemicals behind organic labels.

An educated consumer who knows how to read labels should be able to make distinctions and make the right choices for a holistic, healthy and happy lifestyle.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

How to Care for Dry Skin

How to Care for Dry Skin by eHow Fashion, Style & Personal Care Editor

Step 1:
Remember the basics: Drink at least eight glasses of water a day to keep your skin well hydrated; eat a high-quality diet rich in fruits and vegetables; and limit sun exposure.

Step 2:
Wash your face no more than twice a day with a gentle cleanser formulated for dry skin. Washing more often can dry your skin.

Step 3:
Take short baths or showers and use warm rather than hot water. Try to limit showers and baths to one per day. Use soap only where you need it, such as on your underarms and groin.

Step 4:
Add a few teaspoons of olive oil or lavender-scented oil to your bath.

Step 5:
Pat your skin dry after washing. Avoid rubbing yourself dry with a towel, which can whisk away essential oils needed for moisture.

Step 6:
Apply moisturizer while your skin is still damp. Heed the advice of many experts in choosing a moisturizer'less is more when it comes to the ingredient list.

Step 7:
Understand that moisturizers contain barriers, which keep water on the skin, and water binders, which whisk moisture from the inner layer of skin to the top layer. Look for ingredients such as glycerin, alpha hydroxy acids, urea and lactic acids (binders), combined with petrolatum, lanolin or silicone derivatives (barriers). You have a choice of hundreds of products. A dermatologist or other skin care expert may be able to advise you on your specific needs, but trial and error will probably be your best bet in finding the product that's right for you.

Step 8:
Aim for a comfortable level of humidity in your home or office. Too much heat or too much air-conditioning can rob your skin of moisture.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Oily Skin Treatment

Oily Skin Treatment by Louise Forrest

Oily skin is a persistent cause of botheration among many people. Moreover, with the unhealthy practices in our lifestyle and the toxic environment people are becoming more and more subject to everyday, the problem is only to increase. That is why, we need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, coupled with regular exercise and healthy dietary habits in order to overcome oil build up in our skin and to restore the shimmer in our personality. However, many people still are not aware of what causes excessive oil build up and how to overcome it excessively.

Our skin has underneath it sebaceous glands which cause oil secretion. Some people having very active sebaceous glands undergo excessive oil (sebum) secretion in their skins that result in acne, pimples and other associated skin problems. The rate is alarming among the teenagers, although any one from any age group can face oily skin problems. Although sebum is only essential in the healthy performance of our skins, excess of it can also pose serious problems. Remember, a remarkable lack in skin oil can lead to wrinkles easily. Therefore, it becomes essential to control the oil balance of our skins to get a skin glow that is healthy and clean.

Excessive oil secretion is also a site of skin infection, apart from being agentive to whitehead, blackheads, pimples and acne. The first thing to avoid and overcome skin oil buildup is to increase your water intake to at least twelve to fourteen glasses each day. Water is the best natural cleanser and helps clean the body of toxins most effectively. A regular external beauty care regime should also be followed to acquire that glow, a reason for everyone is envy. A general skin care routine can consist of the basics - that is, cleansing, toning and moisturizing.

Several companies and cosmetic manufacturers out there in the market claim their products and brands to be extremely effective for treating oily skin. Theses products generally contain mild benzoyl peroxide, a compound known for relieving oil from skin. However, it is only a show of wisdom to take their claims with a little pinch of salt and decide for yourself which product or brand best suits you. You might even have to experiment a lot before you can actually find the product that best suits your skin type. Remember, no two people have the same skin type and that is why you have to rely on your experience and your dermatologist for advice.

However, it is recommended to resort to natural therapies and treatments to cure oily skin for most effective results and to ensure that the techniques you are using are safe and without any harmful side effects. Using natural ingredients like green tea oil, Aloe Vera, cucumber juice and lemon extracts can help you acquire the healthy glow, relieving you of the excessive oil build up in your skin. Other popular methods of relieving your skin from excessive oil secretion include laser treatment, skin peels, doxycycline, tetracycline, etc for skin. Consult your dermatologist for what is best suited for you and get into a new skin in no time

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dry Skin Solutions Guide

Dry Skin Solutions Guide

Dry skin solutions guide tackles the problems associated with the type of skin that is usually defined as dry. The skin will tend to flake off and lack moisture. This is because the sebaceous glands are not producing enough oil to lubricate the skin. Some of the causes for this can be related to the environment:

* Detergents and harsh soaps - these remove the lipid and moisture from your skin. Avoid antibacterial soaps and many shampoos

* Weather - Your skin gets dry in winter because of low temperature and humidity. If you live in a desert environment high temperature and humidity are factors

* Air Conditioning and central heating - If you have central air conditioning and heating they reduce the humidity and cause dry skin

* Hot Showers and baths - hot water breaks down the lipid barriers in your skinSome Other things that may cause dry skin are:

* Dehydration - Not drinking enough liquids, profuse sweating during exercise, sever diarrhea and vomiting can cause loss of fluids

* Drugs and alcohol - Prescription drugs like antihistamines and diuretics along with caffeine and alcohol dry out the skin

* Thyroid Disorders - If you thyroid does not produce enough thyroid hormones this can lead to a reduction in the production of oil gland and sweat.

* Psoriasis - Thick scales characterize this malady along with the buildup of rough, dry skin cells

Regular Skin Hydration

Dry skin care becomes essential should you observe that your skin cracks easily and thus demands regular hydration from the inside by the use of fresh water and from the outside by applying mists, and additionally, it necessitates being moisturized with lotions or even rich hydrating emollients. What's more, you'll usually also involve performing dry skin care if you chance to be living in frigid climes which cause your skin to age faster, leading to drawn as well as flaky skin.

As a matter of fact, if you have dry skin, you would need moisturizing the dry skin which is among the principal varieties of dry skin care involved and which in addition to includes being forced to wash your face and also applying emollients that are particularly made to refresh dry skins. As a matter of fact, putting on a good nighttime cream is crucial to suitable dry skin care although then again, you will be able to take heart from the fact that dry skin rarely results in acne or pimples and so will not demand anti-acne skin care.

Crucial dry skin care involves taking showers and baths in tepid water, and not bathing or showering for more than ten minutes at the most, while also insuring using moisturizers directly after having dried off from taking a shower, or even after having washed your hands. Moreover, salutary dry skin care also expects the use of moisturizing hand soaps in addition to body soaps, and you also need to use stronger ointments or creams in the frigid winter time of year although in the summer you need to use more friable lotions.

Remember. Apply night creams and moisturizers at night if you suffer from dry skin. Make sure that you get on a good regimen and apply moisturizers and bath oils at least once every day. Pay close attention. You need to drink a lot of water every day all through the day. Avoid using products that contain alcohol. Just be following these simple rules, your skin will begin to lose its flakiness and will take on a comfortable glow.

Beauty Skin Care

Beauty Skin Care by Maya McMahon

As a woman, it can sometimes seem impossible to find the right beauty care to maintain clear, attractive skin. If we are not experiencing difficulty from acne flare-ups, we are combating dry skin and potential wrinkles. Ongoing practice is the only was to achieve touchable, appealing skin all the time.

Cleansing Your Skin

Beauty skin care involves cleansing your skin twice daily, everyday. When you forget to wash your face at night and leave your makeup on, your pores become clogged and your skin is unable to properly rejuvenate itself. Use a gentle cleanser with no alcohol or harsh detergents and warm water to wash your face. Gently rub your face dry with a soft towel made from natural fabrics. Do not rub or use hot water that can irritate your skin.

The Three Step Method

Many popular regimes use the three step method of cleansing, toning and moisturizing because it is the most effective. After you cleanse your face gently, a toner is used to remove excess oil and unclog your pores. Once your pores are fully cleansed, a light moisturizer is applied to your face. This routine should be done once in the morning and once before bed for optimum results.
For your body beauty care, a gentle body wash works well to get rid of dirt and grime from the day. Your body should be cleansed once a day. After taking a shower or bath, apply a body moisturizer to your skin while it is still slightly damp to seal in the moisture. Instead of using a toner for body beauty skin care, you should periodically exfoliate the skin on your body with a loofah or bath sponge to unclog your pores.

Too Much of a Good Thing

While regular cleansing is an essential element of a successful program, you can do too much of a good thing. When you wash your face or shower more than twice a day, you are stripping your skin of essential oils and making it overproduce sebum to make up for the loss. The result can be dry skin or dry skin with breakouts. The best practice is to wash your face twice daily and shower once each day.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

There are good and bad ingredients in the skin care products you choose. For example, you should always avoid stringent products that contain alcohol, such as toners and cleansers. Your beauty regime should use non-comedogenic moisturizers that do not contain heavy oils that clog. Everyday skin care ingredients that are beneficial for your skin include aloe vera, witch hazel, chamomile, green tea and Vitamin E. Choosing products with the wrong ingredients can be an ugly recipe for disaster that causes breakouts, dry patches, clogged pores or even an allergic reaction. The best routine is the one that work well for your type of skin. It may take some trial and error, but with a bit of knowledge it should be easy to have healthy, good-looking skin most of the time.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Home Made Facials

Home Made Facials

I started making facial masks after reading several books on natural cosmetics. Common ingredients used in home made facials are eggs, lemon, milk, honey, cucumber, tomato, essential oils and lots more fruits, herbs and other ingredients.

The assumption I had was that home made cosmetics, being all natural and preservative free were much safer than the commercial masks you found in stores.

That may be true especially for a person with very sensitive skin. But preservatives actually make cosmetics safe to use. Preservatives kill or at very least, inhibit the bacteria, mold, viruses and nasty things that would otherwise thrive in the cosmetics we use.

Commercial preparations usually contain some preservative or other to make these products safe for use. Some of the very high end cosmetic formulations are packed in sterile capsules to do away with or at least, minimimize, the need for preservatives.

If you make your own skin care for use later in the week, chances are, unless you are anal about sterilizing everything and freezing every batch once it has cooled, thawing it only when you are going to use it, and keeping your cosmetics away from the raw meat in the freezer, eventually, you could find yourself using contaminated home made cosmetics, which could lead to a skin irritation.

I used to make my own skin care but found all the precautions I had to take such a hassle, now I buy mine off the shelves. Even if you make your facial products for immediate use, you have to be careful about using only the freshest ingredients.

A mouldy fruit or anything that is spoilt can lead to disastrous results on your skin. Then there is the safety of the ingredients used in your skincare products. I once told a pharmacist about the lemon remedy I was using on my pimples.

She was horrified. Lemons are highly acidic. Lemon juice is pH 2. Sulphuric acid is pH 1. Lemons can cause a nasty acid burn if you are not careful. We had a discussion about this. She told me about a customer who showed up with an acid burn. Turns out, she had a sunburn. Back in Australia, she would soothe that sunburn by rubbing cut cucumber over her skin. The juices would ease the sunburn.

This time around, she was unlucky. The cucumber she used was more acidic than the ones she was used to and she ended up with a really nasty acid burn. Though cucumber is soothing, cucumber contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids as do most fruit and some of the other ingredients used in homemade beauty recipes.

You see, in home made skin care, the exact chemical makeup of the ingredients you use may vary, leading to unpleasant results if you are unfortunate. That is why, everytime you make any facial mask, test it on the inside of your wrist first, before you let that mask touch your face. I was lucky. The lemon facial I did helped clear my skin by killing the bacteria, without burning my skin. The pharmacist said I was fool hardy.

As did my cousin who has been making her own beauty products for years already. Lemon can thin the skin. It is so acidic. The pharmacist thought the other things, like the almond meal I mixed with the lemon juice helped neutralize the extreme acidity.

Also, when I used freshly squeezed lemon juice directly on my face, I would dilute it with water first. Yet the books I read with home made beauty recipes often include lemon in their recipes. After all, lemon has lightening properties. Lemon juice is often used to lighten freckles. Lemon was even recommended in a book by a former model, for use as a toner.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Natural Skin Care Secret - The Magic of Jojoba Oil

Natural Skin Care Secret - The Magic of Jojoba Oil by Kristin Miller

There are some natural ingredients that are so wonderfully and simply effective they are worthy of a little exploration. One of those ingredients is Jojoba Oil.

Nope - it's not pronounced "joe-joe-bah" - it's "ho-HO-bah". Jojoba oil has many uses and a rich, wonderful history.

Plus - it's relatively inexpensive and easy to find. So really - does it get much better than that?
Jojoba oil comes from the crushed seed of the Simmondsia Chinenis shrub that is found mainly in the deserts of the southwestern region of the United States and northern Mexico.

Used for centuries by Native Americans, the oil has many uses including cosmetic, medicinal and nutritional purposes.

One of the special qualities about Jojoba Oil is that it not really "oil" but it is comprised of liquid wax esters.

Sebum, a liquid wax ester found naturally in human skin, acts to waterproof and protect both hair and skin, keeping skin from becoming dry and brittle.

It also can control the growth of microorganisms on the skin. Because Jojoba is so similar to sebum, it easily can emulate the same functions.

Jojoba has many benefits:

It is easily absorbed in the skin.

It is hypo-allergenic.

It does not clog pores.

It contains many key nutrients and minerals including: Vitamin E, Vitamin B complex, plus silicon, chromium, copper and zinc.

It also contains a high level of iodine - which could contribute to its antibacterial/antifungal properties.

Some of our favorite uses of Jojoba are:

Skin moisturizer.

Especially good for face. Look for it as a main ingredient in skin products. It is found in almost all Garden Girl moisturizing products - body butters, body lotions, face creams, face masques and scrubs, hand cream, foot cream, body scrub and baby lotion. It truly is a wonderful emollient.

Hair repair.

Jojoba is fantastic for hair. Tame flyaway hair or even repair dry or damaged hair with just a couple of drops. It takes only a little to add a little shine and smooth hair. I say this from experience - after having used more than a couple drops. Not good. So stick with 2 or 3 drops.

Eye make-up remover.

Jojoba is the best eye make-up remover that I have found. You can pay big bucks for some fancy products, but nothing works as well as Jojoba, in my opinion. And it is much less expensive.

Soak a cotton ball with Jojoba, and gently wipe off make-up. The bonus is that once your make-up is gone, you can gently pat the excess oil back into your skin around your eyes for added moisturizing. PLUS it is a great conditioner for your eyelashes.


Excellent cuticle oil. You'll be amazed at how quickly ragged, dry cuticles can be revived with a few drops of Jojoba oil.

Dry lip revitalizer.

Tired of globbing on thick, greasy lip balm that never does the trick? Try a few drops of Jojoba. You'll be amazed!

How a Sauna Can Help Your Skin

How a Sauna Can Help Your Skin by Thomas Oak

Perhaps you have heard this before, but your skin is, indeed, the largest organ in your body. Every day, you expose it to pollution, poor food choices, stress, topical substances such as makeup, and more.

Of course, there are many detoxification systems on the market that can help cleanse your skin, but one of the best ways to detoxify your skin, from the inside out, is by taking a sauna.

Experts state that a sauna session can do more to clean, detoxify, and simply "freshen" your skin than anything else. In addition, it can help you reduce stress, and your skin also shows the effects of stress on its surface.

This is not only beneficial to your skin, but it's a great way to relax and rejuvenate all over as well. It's no wonder, then, that some of the most famous people, including celebrities, use one as a regular part of their beauty routine.

If you make a sauna session a part of your beauty regimen, it de-stresses you and also helps your skin rejuvenate. It can unclog your pores, and generally give you a cleansing from the inside out.

It is most advised to those who have skin problems such as dry skin, oily skin or acne. Some even do a session before they go to sleep every day, especially if they live in an environment where their skin is exposed to a lot of pollution and needs a thorough, deep cleansing. Still others do this every week.

There are some exceptions to doing this. If you have particularly sensitive skin, have asthma, or you are pregnant, you should not participate in a sauna until you have checked with your doctor.
One pleasant way to give an extra boost to your sauna routine is to add an essential oil to the water you are going to use to make steam.

The essential oil you use should be beneficial to your skin, or be of a type you particularly like and find soothing or calming. For example, those with normal skin do well with oils like mandarin orange and lavender. If you have dry skin or oily skin, eucalyptus or lemon oils are good choices for essential oils. Chamomile and rose oils are helpful to those with dry skin.

And if you participate in a session, you can utilize a facial or body mask to further cleanse skin while your pores are open. It may also be advisable to have a massage afterwards for even more relaxation and de-stressing.

You can also opt for a quick shower to wash off all of the taxes that have been flushed from your skin, to feel truly refreshed.

Once done, your skin will feel smoother and tighter. You can do this instead of having a skin peel, other skincare technique, or even a simple facial cleansing. Some skincare procedures use harsh chemicals, and are quite expensive.

In some cases, these procedures can also damage your skin, whereas a sauna will not. You can buy a relatively inexpensive home sauna kit or opt to use them at your gym or local spa.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Oily Skin And Puberty

Oily Skin & Puberty by Louise Forrest

Most of us do not look at our skin at all, except on our faces. It is only then it is realized that there is a little more oil on the face, and then we look at our arms and find we have oily skin.
Oily skin is generally present after puberty begins, and the transition to teenager starts. Oily skin also starts during the hormonal changes that take place when people enter the post-menopausal stage. In some people, it is present for a variety of other reasons, which includes diet, climatic conditions, and lifestyle.

Oily skin takes mainly because of the changes in hormonal activity within the body. In the young, it is because of a small subset of cells in the hormone change, which triggers a reaction on the body's immune system that there is a problem on the skin, and the skin, alerted, as an early warning system, gets more white blood cells to that area, and the oil glands also started producing oil in excess. The excess oil is sought to be released via the skin route, and thus begins the journey of the oily skin. Since the body oil is exposed through the pores, with the skin having taken what is necessary for it, the skin pores open to let the excess oil out.

On contact with the environment, some of the oil evaporates, but since it has been received in excess, it forms a form of a blister, or scales, and thus people with this hormonal imbalance get pimples, acne, blackheads, etc., on the face or scales in the folds of the skin, especially in the abdomen, armpits, or the legs.

These symptoms of oily skin disappear once the hormonal change has completed its transition. And slowly the oily skins returns to normal color.

The problem that presents itself is when oily skin, with it pimples, acne blackheads, happens to a teenager, it creates an immediate impact on that person. That is the age, when the teenager is reaching out and learning the cycle of life, and also the various means of attraction between the opposing sexes. This is inherent in all human genes, and should not at all be surprising to anybody. Nature has made us all this way.

The first treatment that anybody having this oily skin problem is first to restore their self confidence. The teenagers must be made aware that they are not alone in this phenomenon, and that millions others suffer from the same problem. A look at various websites should assure to some extent your teenager.

The second is to be clean physically; A regular bath with warm water at least twice a day; use of a soft soap which has less detergent, and more oil removing properties, use of moisturizers which contain less oil, and also less alcohol base and conditioners which contain some palliatives to ease the itching sensation, etc. A large number of them are available, and they should be used, after carefully going through their contents. The very fact that a large number of lotions, ointments, creams, are available, should indicate to the affected that they are part of a very large group; otherwise there would not be so many facial products available for their condition!
Diet control should be practiced. Regular exercise and cleansing of the outbreak area with warm water, 2 to 3 times a day should help.

However, if you are not satisfied, you can and should consult a dermatologist who possibly can explain better, and help you in this condition.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Facial Skin Care Products

Facial Skin Care Products by Gail Leino

Facial Skin Care Products are available for a range of skin types and purposes. The most common skin types are Normal, Oily, Dry and Combination. It is important to pick a facial skin care product that won't aggravate the type of skin you have causing irritation, inflammation and redness.

Facial skin care products are available to treat specific or combinations of conditions. There are products with astringents like witch hazel in them to help tighten skin, Alpha-Hydroxy Acids to help the skin's sloughing process, Antioxidants for the encouragement of new skin growth, and UV blockers to protect the skin from the Sun's damaging rays and other types of skin care products. There are some skin care products made solely for the eyes. Since the skin is a sensitive area with thinner skin it is prone to its own special problems, wrinkles, bags and darker areas.

A big problem can be sinking of the eye and skin around the eye as you age. There are also products that help to puff up skin that starts to sag as the collagen production in the skin slows down. Acne skin care products are cleansers or lotions meant to be placed on the skin right after washing and they usually involve continual treatment of skin even after the acne goes away. Some acne products are Benzoyl Peroxide, Resorcinol, Salicylic Acid, and Sulfur. Each is designed to attack a specific cause of acne, excessive oil production, clumping of skin cells, and acne causing bacteria.

A clay facial mask once a week removes impurities and draws oils and bacteria out of the skins pores to leave the skin cleaner. It also helps to soothe the skin reducing redness and dry patches and lifting away dead skin cells. You can finish with a little astringent Witch Hazel to help close up the pores.

Herbal Skin Care

Herbal Skin Care by Katya Coen

The Best in Skin Care

Today skin care is taken to a new level, and many people consider herbal skin care to be the best choice when considering natural skin care. These natural skin care products provide revitalizing nutrients and anti-oxidants that help keep your skin beautiful and ageless. Herbal skin care contains all natural herbs, with no added preservatives and no additional oils. Some of these products are known for their anti-aging properties, making this type of skin care the very best in keeping you looking young and giving you the most beautiful skin you have ever had. Herbal skin care is not only used to improve the look of your skin, but it also improves the health of your skin, special nutrients help moisturize and revitalize your skin leaving you with a clean, clear and beautiful finish.

What Makes Herbal Skin Care So Special?

Today there are many skin care products out there and buying the one for you can get a little confusing. But, with all the products around today one of the truly best choices are the herbal skin care products that do not add any animal fats, excess oils, or anything that might cause irritation for people with sensitive skin. Since everyone has a different skin type, herbal skin care is perfect because it can provide each skin type with the nutrients it needs to stay beautiful.
Most of these skin care products also provide a powerful sunscreen to protect your delicate skin from harmful UV rays. Most people do not realize how sensitive their skin is from the sun, a good sunscreen is important to keep your skin protected from cancer causing UV rays, and most cosmetics and skin care products do not carry enough protection in their formula. You can even grown many of the herbs used in these types of skin care products in your very own garden. Chamomile, lavender, sage, and lemon balm are all easily grown in your home garden or even in a few flower pots.

Herbal Skin Care and the Health of Your Skin

Herbal skin care helps your skin function properly. With all that your skin goes through in one day, you need something that will replenish and renew your skin. UV rays, stress, and pollution - all of these result in damage done to your skin. Natural skin care contains vitamins that heal your skin and leave you looking your best. Your skin is ever growing and changing, and it needs the necessary vitamins and minerals to keep it healthy, just like any other part of your day to day life you should take special care when it comes to your skin.

Natural skin care products can be found at your local beauty supply store or online, but be sure to read the labels carefully, so that the ingredients are all natural, and contain no added preservatives or unnecessary oils or fatty acids. Some companies that sell these products claim that they are 100% natural, but it is a good idea to read the labels so that you are absolutely sure that they are completely and 100% natural. Remember that skin care is important and you should never neglect to care for your skin properly. It will keep you happy, healthy, and beautiful for years to come

Thursday, February 7, 2008

4 Natural Steps To A Healthier Skin

4 Natural Steps To A Healthier Skin by Paul Okoh

A summary of 4 simple steps that will lead to a much healthier skin.

1. Reduce Your Sugar Intake

I bet you did not know that there is a link between sugar intake and aging. Well too much sugar is one of the main causes of premature aging. It works this way;the more sugar we take in the more sugar we have in our bloodstream. Sugar molecules attach to protein molecules and damage the protein molecules. By attaching to the protein molecules new types of molecules are formed. These molecules denature skin collagen, damage cartilage and ligament and enhance loss of elasticity. Wrinkles are also formed and sagging of the skin commences.

Putting the above into consideration it becomes very necessary to reduce our intake of sugar. To achieve this I know will be very difficult for some people. To make it simple the best method to use is a gradual reduction of your daily sugar intake. For starters you can reduce the amount of sugar you add to your cup of tea or coffee. Also you can cut down on your intake of soda, sweetened dairy products and pastries.

2. Accelerate Your Digestion

As you might have heard healthy skin is is a function of a good digestive system. To accelerate or rev up our digestion we should incorporate enough fibre into our daily diet. Studies have shown that most people only consume half the amount of their daily fibre requirement.
To increase your fibre intake you should try these;

i. eat beans and legumes,

ii. eat prunes,

iii. take high fibre snacks like dried fruits, seeds and nuts

iv. eat at least one apple everyday

v. add whole grains to your diet, always choose grain products over refined products.

3. Take Essential Fats

What are essential fatty acids? As the name implies they are simply fats your body cannot live without. They are used in the synthesis or formation of hormones, cell membranes and many other chemicals used in the body. These essential fats fight inflammation, keep the heart functioning properly amongst other important functions. They are also particularly important to people with inflammatory conditions such as eczema and acne, and also for people with dry skin. To get more essential fats, eat more of cold water fish. Salmon is also a very good source of essential fatty acids. Also it is wise to consider the use of fish oil supplements.

4. Exercise To Improve Blood Circulation

Do you live a sedentary life? Sitting at your desk all day? Be warned that inactivity affects the skin and may enhance acne, cellulite and loss of muscle tone. Inactivity also promotes bloating and puffiness.

One of the best ways to improve the health of your skin and your overall health is to exercise. Exercise improves the blood circulation which is very essential for good health. So how do you improve your blood circulation?

A few quick steps to this are;
i. Get a skipping rope

ii. Start visiting your neighbourhood gym.

iii. Once in a while get up from your desk and stretch

iv. Take a long walk.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Simple Facts About Skin Care

Simple Facts About Skin Care by Louise Forrest

One of nature’s wonders is the skin that appears on everything. Some of the trees, if you were, and people do, pierce the balk, some kind of liquid oozes out. Plants? Yes, same thing. Animals, fish of various varieties all have skin.

The reptiles too have it, but they change their skins once in a while! Would not all of us wish to have that facility!! Name any animal, it has a skin.

The skin has been provided to protect the blood vessels, the flesh, the muscles, the organs and other parts of the body. It has its own characteristics, as it is covered with, I don’t know the exact size, so I will use nano cells. The first sign of an external attack is that on the skin.

An ant bite and you are immediately alerted by the skin. You reach out to remove the insect, and you find that that area becomes red and itches. You scratch, getting temporary relief. But within minutes, say 5 or so, it goes away, that itch. Why? The skin has alerted the blood stream, and the WBCs (white blood cells) are rushed to the spot and the immune system takes care.

So too with cuts, bruises, minor burns to mention a few. The same immune system takes care of it, and slowly a scab forms, and after some time, it falls itself, revealing the same color of skin that was there earlier. If it was a little deeper or much deeper cut, you would have a scar to show for it. So the skin itself is the protector and surgeon as well. Of course if the cut is very, very, deep, the surgeon or physician would pull them together and put stitches to heal the wound. But normally nature takes its own course.

Also the skin and the blood vessels are a sign of abnormality. If your wound does not heal itself, or the blood does not coagulate quickly, you MAY have diabetes. Diabetics generally are told to avoid any, repeat any accident which may bruise or cut the skin. If there are patches that persist, you may be suffering from a skin ailment, or the body is signaling that something is wrong, and you would have to take precaution.

Skin care is as important as any other part of the body. Some would go to the extent of saying that without that skin, you would not have a body. Very true and very apt indeed.

You must take regular baths or showers. If it is cold weather, do not use hot water, use instead tepid or just above normal temperature shower or bath. Don’t just turn on your shower and step outside after washing with soap. Let the body have some time. The skin absorbs water, and if you are using hot water, your body defense system shuts down the pores of your skin to prevent burning or scalding. Too cold a bath, and again, to maintain the body temperature it requires, the skin closes its pores. Strike a balance.

Use soft soaps, not the hard ones. Choose a soap that is gentle on the skin, low in its harshness, has enough moisturizer to keep your skin healthy. What’s wrong if you use baby soap? It’s very mild in its removing dirt, and has enough moisturizer for you as well. After the bath, don’t immediately start rubbing yourself down. Once in a week or all right, once in two weeks, take an oil bath.

Rub oil all over your body, allow it to soak for about half an hour and then take a shower or a soak in the tub. Rinse clear the oil by using soft shampoos. When you come out, you would feel healthy and alive. Oil is secreted by glands under the skin’s surface, and just like the lube you put in your car, apart from the water in the radiator, it cleanses itself, and gets back the store of oil that is generally generated on its own by the other body organs.

All these keep your skin health, glowing and you feel nice.If you notice any patches, white, grey or whatever color, remember it. If it persists, you should see a medical practitioner. Same is true of the lumps that you may find.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

8 Tips To Manage Your Dry Skin

8 Tips To Manage Your Dry Skin by Kenith Smith

Things that you should do:

1. Always use a non-commercial and safe soap with a very low alkaline content. Excessive alkali in your soap may cause your skin drying out very quickly.

2. Ensure that you are drinking lot of water to maintain the required amount of water in the body. Water is an absolute necessity for providing hydration in your skin. Water can also keep your skin soft, supple and clear. Lack of moisture is the main cause for dry skin with lots of cracking and chapping. You may need to drink at least eight glasses of water every day.

3. Good eating habit and a healthy living style is also a critical factor. You will need to eat properly to maintain good and healthy skin condition. A good and nutritious diet is also an essential factor for managing your skin. Make it a point to eat at least five portions of fruits and green vegetables everyday to maintain your vitamin levels. If you are short of required nutrients, you can take multivitamin tablets.

4. You must be able to sleep for at least 8 hours every day. Sleep is very essential for your skin.

5. Hot water could be very dangerous for your skin. Hot water can destroy your skin layers. Always use warm water for bath and face wash. Restrict your bathing for lesser than five minutes.

6. Regular exercise and a strict working regimen will help a neat and unhindered flow of fresh blood and oxygen to your skin cells. This will help you create a glowing and radiating skin.

7. Winter is also a cruel month for your skin. You can use a humidifier to keep water from going out of the skin cells.

8. Do not rub your skin with a rough towel. Instead, use a soft towel by gently patting the upper layers.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Skin Care Natural Tips To Maintain A Healthy Skin

Skin Care Natural Tips To Maintain A Healthy Skin by Tony Pang

So what are the skin care naturals tips to a healthy skin?

Well, the skin mirrors the inner health of our body and mind - this is without any doubt. Long periods of physical and mental stress encourages certain biochemical changes in the body in which the skins become older at a faster rate and therefore degrade the skin quality with an unattractive appearance.

According to the renowned skincare experts, certain skin problems such as hives, eczema, psoriasis, tics, itching, to name a few, that cast a lethal impact on the skin condition have been found to be exacerbated by stress - be it either mental or physical. The University of Maryland Medical Center established that the skin becomes clammy as a result of serious stress.

Hence, the foremost point in regarding the natural skin care tips is to lead a stress less life - both physically and mentally, because the body and mind are not distinctive entities and they affect each other. The natural skin care methods are all about taking care of the skin to promote the desired health of the skin in a genuinely natural way that involves no intake of any chemical drugs or artificial synthetics at all.

Natural Skin Care Tip - Proper Digestion

Promoting a proper digestive system is one of the vital natural skin care tips that cannot be denied at all. People who suffer from problems of acne, psoriasis and rosacea have been found to be suffering from an imbalanced digestive system. Therefor, count proper digestion as part of the natural skin care tips. This natural tip is not expensive, yet yield terrific results.

Water As One Of The Natural Skin Care Tip

Water, as a matter of fact, has always play a great role in maintaining a proper health of the skin. Doctors recommend at least five or six liters of pure drinking water in normal coarse every day to flush out the toxins from the interior of our body, which is of significance to having healthy skin. Moreover, water helps to keep the skin properly hydrated from within to give it glowing look.

Do Not Take Excessive Sugar

Excessive consumption of sugar can lead to the aging of the skin at a high rate. Consumption of excess sugar promotes the process "Glycation" where the protein molecules are damaged by the glucose molecules to form the "advanced glycation end products", which actually damage the collagen in the skin and the elasticity, thereby forming wrinkles. So no more or less chocolate going forward.

Consumption Of Good Fats

Flaxseed oils, walnut oil, cold-water fish and fish oil supplements etc. are some of the necessary ingredients that should always be included in the menu in order to promote the healthy skin. These are those essential fats that form the cell membranes, hormones and certain body chemicals.

Amazing Organic Skin Care Tips

Amazing Organic Skin Care Tips by Anita R

Everyone wants to look attractive and nice, whether you are man or a woman. Application of skin care products can definitely make your skin smoother, softer and supple. Our skin has the quality of absorbing elements and eliminating toxins. When we perspire, we eliminate toxins while we apply skin care products, our skin absorbs these too.

Although you might have got confused often as to which is the best product to buy for your skin care, choosing becomes very simple when you pick organic skin care for your regimen. To clean your body and face use a mild, herbal soap that will cleans your body of all external deposits of pollution and dead skin. You can use pure natural oils like almond oil, coconut oil and avocado oil to moisturize your body after a bath. Some essential oils enhanced products and oils are especially beneficially as they are good anti bacterial and anti fungal properties.However there are many products that are beneficial for after bath moisturizing like lotions, creams, skin care products but you should buy according to your skin type.

Using oil for massaging your scalp and body can greatly help you achieve luxurious hair and skin! The skin absorbs the oil and rejuvenates the cells with better blood circulation. Increase in oxygen and reduction of toxins also helps the skin rejuvenate and look fresh while drinking 8 to 10 liters of water a day helps in achieving flawless skin.

When you use skin care products and cosmetics always check for ingredients and the less chemical content, the better. The more chemicals used on the body the higher chances of developing eczema, skin cancer and allergies. When you use herbal and organic skin care product, not only the skin is able to breath but it does not accumulate toxins under the skin layer.

Choose skin care products that are marked organic or contain essential oils, natural fragrances, milk, honey and extracts of plants, flowers and herbs. Usually, organic products are alkaline with minimum chemicals and can be bought online or from health car stores. There are many online stores where you can browse and buy a product which will probably suit your skin better than what is available in your neighborhood stores. With the whole world products available at a click of your mouse, why don't you check out today and get something to bring back the youthful skin again?

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Scar Treatment Options

Scar Treatment Options By: Valerie DeVette

The human body usually receives a variety of injuries, including penetrating trauma, burn trauma and blunt trauma. All of these injuries set into motion an orderly sequence of events that are involved in the healing response, in which the normal functional tissue (skin) is replaced by connective tissue (scar) and the healing response is characterized by the movement of specialized cells into the wound site.

There are a variety of different scars that can be formed after any given injury has occurred. The following is a brief explanation of some of these types of scars.

What are pigmentary scars? A pigmentary scar is the result of multiple types of damage and can occur anywhere on the body but commonly means that there is no textural change in the skin, but the skin is noticeably discolored relative to normal skin color. A pigmentary scar may be light, lighter or darker or redder than the normal skin and requires to be approached very carefully in repairing with surgical or laser procedures. Caution is crucial because over-correction of the scar will produce a scar of a different color more difficult to treat.

What are hormone-induced scars? Hormone-induced scars commonly refer to melasma hormonal pigmentary disorders, which commonly occur exclusively in women but not always. And they are usually on the face but not exclusively. Also, they are tremendously difficult to treat. Melasma or hormonal coloration change needs very slow, step-wise reversal medically with the use of lasers and needs lifelong proper use of sunscreen to maintain clear.

How are acne scars treated? Acne scars can appear anyplace on the body, not only the face. They can be of various shapes and depth and can be addressed in numerous ways: sometimes with chemical peel methods, other times with surgical scar removal laser or micro-dermabrasion procedures, and with natural topical creams. No matter of the scar or number of scars, it is a long-term process to efficiently minimize acne scar visibility.

How are animal bite scars treated? They're commonly treated by blending them to the surrounding non-scar skin. Usual blending involves topical medical products to soften the scars -such as rosehip oil-, followed by resurfacing laser and microdermabrasion procedures for blending surface quality. And if there is a remaining color mismatch then oftentimes, permanent make-up, tattooing, is employed at the end.

Is cortisone still used as a treatment for skin scars? Cortisone can be applied both topically and by injection into the wound to promote better healing and scar creation reduction.There is great artistry needed for the injectible cortisone to work well and it is best done by someone who clinically does this frequently..

Topical Treatments When considering topical biological products we must take into account that the skin is a barrier to exterior environment and will not let all products that argue to be cosmetic or dermatological ingredients into it, in the same way as it does not allow most airborne pollutants into it.

The truth is that the skin works as a filter to assess and determines the relationship - the user-friendliness, if you will - to the inner body itself. The skin is a very adaptable organ. It is made to adapt to the ambience so it can help to keep us alive in any given climate. The most immediate ambience to our skin is what we apply on it topically. Yes, the skin care and cosmetics we select.

By: Valerie DeVette

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