Thursday, March 27, 2008

Basics of Anti Aging Skin Care

Basics of Anti Aging Skin Care

If there is something that is sought with all the strength of human beings, it is the formula for eternal youth.

The quest has been on ever since ancient times, when humans set out to find out that elusive fountain of youth.

In the meantime, humans have stumbled upon a good number of processes, cosmetics, and anti aging skin care techniques which reverse (to some extent) and control the aging of the skin

What are the Most Effective Ingredients for Skin Rejuvenation?

The number one form of anti-aging skin care is without doubt the Vitamin A derivative Retin A, which was discovered a decade or so ago, when an elderly woman observed that all her wrinkles disappeared as if by magic following the application of the medication prescribed by her doctor.

Ever since, Retin A has been one of the most effective ingredients of an anti-aging skin care regime.

The downside here is that this is available only with a doctor’s prescription, and it is prescribed for eye problems.

There are a good number of milder concoctions with retinol which can be bought over-the-counter.

Most of these would contain about one percent or so retinol. The treatment’s strength would increase with the increase in the content of retinol.

Though such a treatment can work wonders with your skin, be warned that it can also aggravate the skin with rashes.

The next most popular form of anti-aging skin care is alpha hydroxyl acid, or the AHA chemical exfoliator.

The most common here will be the glycolic acid, which is normally used in concentrations between 8 and 15 percent.

The impact this has on the skin is almost as amazing as the Retin A. You will find this ingredient in almost all the anti-aging cosmetic products available in the market today.

There is one more excellent group of ingredients that complement anti-aging skin care treatment through skin care and repair.

This can be achieved by using products that contain rejuvenation ingredients such as Vitamin C (which is an excellent antioxidant), Kinetin, as well as DMAE and GHK copper peptides among others. It is important that the skin is given sufficient time to repair itself.

Lastly, it is necessary to mention that absolutely no anti-aging skin care treatment can succeed without using adequate protection against the sun.

This is a very critical aspect, because the sun simply draws all the moisture out of the skin, at the same time damaging its texture with its UV rays.

Thus, you should always use a good sunscreen when you have to move outdoors.

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