Saturday, March 29, 2008

Glowing Skin - Learn about Skin Care

Glowing Skin - Learn about Skin Care by Goran Thisell

The secret to having beautiful skin is available to everyone not just the rich and famous; providing you are willing to put in the time for your skin care on a regular basis you should see some beneficial results.

Although it still happens in the West, women are beginning to learn that beautiful skin does not come at the end of a knife but with other more natural methods. The best thing about modern beauty care products other than their cost is the fact they are generally natural so cannot harm the person who is using them.

When we think of beauty care products for the skin we typically picture cold cream and anti-aging formulas but there are countless items that promote healthy, youthful skin and these may be some of the most important beauty care products on the market. We often forget that our skin is an organ that needs looking after as it has a difficult job to and needs regular help.

Skin care needs to be carried out in the right order so step one is to cleanse the skin of all the contaminants that attack it everyday. Gently massage your cleanser into your skin in circular motions using your fingertips and then rinse off with warm water but only pat your skin with a soft towel to dry it.

The cleanser can affect the PH balance of your skin so the nest step is to use a toner which will restore this balance. Make sure that you take time to add a little lotion and massage to your routine as moisturizers make your skin look and feel soft and supple and can minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Beauty care products that moisturize the skin also form a barrier to lock in the moisture so the skin does not dry out.

As a regular aspect of your skin care regime you should use a natural peel or exfoliant once or twice a week which helps remove dead skin which can clog the pores. It is important to remove all traces of the peel or exfoliant so you will need to cleanse the skin and then tone and moisturize as normal.

For those people that suffer with puffy or baggy skin below the eyes, formulated beauty care product creams are able to help alleviate this problem making the skin much suppler and improving its elasticity.

Taking some form of daily exercise and drinking plenty of water are two things you don't need to spend a fortune on but will really improve the skin tone and feel. The health of your skin should not be underestimated, not just for vanity reasons but for our overall health as it is a barrier against the elements, pollution and disease

Friday, March 28, 2008

Get The Best Acne Skin Care Treatment

Get The Best Acne Skin Care Treatment By Saris Hunsanugrom

Acne is a pesky skin ailment that leads to blemishes and pimples on skin. It is an inflammatory disease of skin known as Acne Vulgaris. It is usually caused due to changes in the skin structure and pilosebaceous units.

However, acne is a common phenomenon during pubescent years. However, it makes one appear dull as the acne leads to dry and rough skin. In many cases, those who face acne problems feel afraid of making public appearances as acne makes them appear dull and unimpressive.

And, if you are looking for acne treatment skincare, make sure you stay away from all fatty and greasy food items as oily skin aggravates acne conditions. A balanced and healthy diet helps you in nutrition to your body.

Changing your lifestyle and staying away from unhealthy junk food helps you in staying in shape as well as fighting acne in an easy way. While facing acne, it is necessary to take good amount of citrus fruits and water so as to detoxify your body from toxicants. It is seen that stressful life aggravates existing acne conditions.

Apart from having a proper diet, it is essential to pursue timely acne treatment skincare in order to recover from acne. Using a good face wash helps you in cleaning your skin pores. Exfoliating masques and cleaners are the best way to manage your acne in an easy way as it cleanses the deep pores of your skin and makes it appear smooth and glowing.

Make sure you use anti bacterial cleansers that kills acne causing bacteria. You can get anti bacteria gels, creams and lotions from your nearest chemist store. Try those anti bacteria creams that contain benzoyl peroxide. Using skin astringents and water based cosmetics in order to revive from skin itching and irritations in a simple way.

However, if these acne treatment skincare do not provide you enough relief, you can check your nearest dermatologist who provides you with acne treatment skincare. Some of popular acne treatment skincare includes photo pneumatic therapy, where skin suction and light treatment is performed on skin.

In the light ray's therapy, blue light destroys inflammation causing bacteria. Light and heat helps in destroying bacteria that affects sebaceous glands. With the photo pneumatic therapy acne treatment skincare, some of side effects include swelling and redness. However, these are minor effects that heal with the time and you get healthy skin.

Therefore, if you are facing niggling acne problems, make sure you go for proper treatment and recover from bothersome acne that makes you appear dull and ugly. Take proper care of you skin and improve upon your eating habits in order to recover from acne.

Don't forget that a good diet that is free from unhealthy fats helps in reducing acne in an easy way. Along with a healthy diet, use quality anti bacteria skin creams to clean and exfoliate your skin in a hassle free way. So, next time you face acne, get the best acne treatment skincare. With acne treatment skincare, say goodbye to acne

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Basics of Anti Aging Skin Care

Basics of Anti Aging Skin Care

If there is something that is sought with all the strength of human beings, it is the formula for eternal youth.

The quest has been on ever since ancient times, when humans set out to find out that elusive fountain of youth.

In the meantime, humans have stumbled upon a good number of processes, cosmetics, and anti aging skin care techniques which reverse (to some extent) and control the aging of the skin

What are the Most Effective Ingredients for Skin Rejuvenation?

The number one form of anti-aging skin care is without doubt the Vitamin A derivative Retin A, which was discovered a decade or so ago, when an elderly woman observed that all her wrinkles disappeared as if by magic following the application of the medication prescribed by her doctor.

Ever since, Retin A has been one of the most effective ingredients of an anti-aging skin care regime.

The downside here is that this is available only with a doctor’s prescription, and it is prescribed for eye problems.

There are a good number of milder concoctions with retinol which can be bought over-the-counter.

Most of these would contain about one percent or so retinol. The treatment’s strength would increase with the increase in the content of retinol.

Though such a treatment can work wonders with your skin, be warned that it can also aggravate the skin with rashes.

The next most popular form of anti-aging skin care is alpha hydroxyl acid, or the AHA chemical exfoliator.

The most common here will be the glycolic acid, which is normally used in concentrations between 8 and 15 percent.

The impact this has on the skin is almost as amazing as the Retin A. You will find this ingredient in almost all the anti-aging cosmetic products available in the market today.

There is one more excellent group of ingredients that complement anti-aging skin care treatment through skin care and repair.

This can be achieved by using products that contain rejuvenation ingredients such as Vitamin C (which is an excellent antioxidant), Kinetin, as well as DMAE and GHK copper peptides among others. It is important that the skin is given sufficient time to repair itself.

Lastly, it is necessary to mention that absolutely no anti-aging skin care treatment can succeed without using adequate protection against the sun.

This is a very critical aspect, because the sun simply draws all the moisture out of the skin, at the same time damaging its texture with its UV rays.

Thus, you should always use a good sunscreen when you have to move outdoors.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Organic Skin Care Without Chemical Preservatives

Organic Skin Care Without Chemical Preservatives by Stergios Bekas

I was surprised other skincare brands are still calling their products organic, yet they contain harmful chemical preservatives. For example, they use organic ingredients and then mix them with chemicals for preservation.

A study, reported in the January 2004 edition of the Journal of Applied Toxicology, found parabens to be the most common cosmetic preservative present in significant amounts in 18 out of 20 breast cancer tumors.

Kim Erickson, author of Drop Dead Gorgeous, states, "Cosmetic chemicals accumulate in the body's fatty tissues, where they can remain for years and damage your cells."

This is where I saw an opportunity! I want to end the madness. End the impurity.

I developed a way to include only natural ingredients to preserve precious organic ingredients - and found that natural preservatives are even great for your skin, like Jojoba.

I also realized most companies use water base to make most of their product.

The FDA requires skincare ingredients to be listed in order of highest concentrations - meaning the most prominent must be listed first.

Take a look at the lotion you are using today. Does it have water listed first? Does it have some chemical name ingredient listed first?

That means that its the highest concentration in ingredient you are applying to your skin. Learn to read your labels.

There are some great companies out there that offer organic skin, however, there are also some companies out there that may hide their chemicals behind organic labels.

An educated consumer who knows how to read labels should be able to make distinctions and make the right choices for a holistic, healthy and happy lifestyle.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

How to Care for Dry Skin

How to Care for Dry Skin by eHow Fashion, Style & Personal Care Editor

Step 1:
Remember the basics: Drink at least eight glasses of water a day to keep your skin well hydrated; eat a high-quality diet rich in fruits and vegetables; and limit sun exposure.

Step 2:
Wash your face no more than twice a day with a gentle cleanser formulated for dry skin. Washing more often can dry your skin.

Step 3:
Take short baths or showers and use warm rather than hot water. Try to limit showers and baths to one per day. Use soap only where you need it, such as on your underarms and groin.

Step 4:
Add a few teaspoons of olive oil or lavender-scented oil to your bath.

Step 5:
Pat your skin dry after washing. Avoid rubbing yourself dry with a towel, which can whisk away essential oils needed for moisture.

Step 6:
Apply moisturizer while your skin is still damp. Heed the advice of many experts in choosing a moisturizer'less is more when it comes to the ingredient list.

Step 7:
Understand that moisturizers contain barriers, which keep water on the skin, and water binders, which whisk moisture from the inner layer of skin to the top layer. Look for ingredients such as glycerin, alpha hydroxy acids, urea and lactic acids (binders), combined with petrolatum, lanolin or silicone derivatives (barriers). You have a choice of hundreds of products. A dermatologist or other skin care expert may be able to advise you on your specific needs, but trial and error will probably be your best bet in finding the product that's right for you.

Step 8:
Aim for a comfortable level of humidity in your home or office. Too much heat or too much air-conditioning can rob your skin of moisture.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Oily Skin Treatment

Oily Skin Treatment by Louise Forrest

Oily skin is a persistent cause of botheration among many people. Moreover, with the unhealthy practices in our lifestyle and the toxic environment people are becoming more and more subject to everyday, the problem is only to increase. That is why, we need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, coupled with regular exercise and healthy dietary habits in order to overcome oil build up in our skin and to restore the shimmer in our personality. However, many people still are not aware of what causes excessive oil build up and how to overcome it excessively.

Our skin has underneath it sebaceous glands which cause oil secretion. Some people having very active sebaceous glands undergo excessive oil (sebum) secretion in their skins that result in acne, pimples and other associated skin problems. The rate is alarming among the teenagers, although any one from any age group can face oily skin problems. Although sebum is only essential in the healthy performance of our skins, excess of it can also pose serious problems. Remember, a remarkable lack in skin oil can lead to wrinkles easily. Therefore, it becomes essential to control the oil balance of our skins to get a skin glow that is healthy and clean.

Excessive oil secretion is also a site of skin infection, apart from being agentive to whitehead, blackheads, pimples and acne. The first thing to avoid and overcome skin oil buildup is to increase your water intake to at least twelve to fourteen glasses each day. Water is the best natural cleanser and helps clean the body of toxins most effectively. A regular external beauty care regime should also be followed to acquire that glow, a reason for everyone is envy. A general skin care routine can consist of the basics - that is, cleansing, toning and moisturizing.

Several companies and cosmetic manufacturers out there in the market claim their products and brands to be extremely effective for treating oily skin. Theses products generally contain mild benzoyl peroxide, a compound known for relieving oil from skin. However, it is only a show of wisdom to take their claims with a little pinch of salt and decide for yourself which product or brand best suits you. You might even have to experiment a lot before you can actually find the product that best suits your skin type. Remember, no two people have the same skin type and that is why you have to rely on your experience and your dermatologist for advice.

However, it is recommended to resort to natural therapies and treatments to cure oily skin for most effective results and to ensure that the techniques you are using are safe and without any harmful side effects. Using natural ingredients like green tea oil, Aloe Vera, cucumber juice and lemon extracts can help you acquire the healthy glow, relieving you of the excessive oil build up in your skin. Other popular methods of relieving your skin from excessive oil secretion include laser treatment, skin peels, doxycycline, tetracycline, etc for skin. Consult your dermatologist for what is best suited for you and get into a new skin in no time

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