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Skin Care Acne Treatments

Skin Care Acne Treatments

Skin care treatments conducted by a trained skin care therapist can be a great way to reduce your acne symptoms. Regular facials using particular treatments can help to reduce acne in the following ways:

1. Hydroxy Acid Treatments or peels- Your skin care therapist can use a stronger percentage of this type of product on your skin, in this style of treatment. Most skin care centres will offer a course of treatments, as this gives the best results.

This type of facial will dissolve the glue that is sticking your dead skin cells down, and clogging the pores. The active ingredient (AHA or BHA) may tingle and be a bit uncomfortable, however this is perfectly normal. If you experience burning, let your therapist know, as you may have reacted with the product.

Results should lead to less congestion, and clearer skin, if you are also following a good routine at home.

2. High Frequency - During your facial your therapist will use machinery known as high frequency. It is a glass rod that uses violet light and neon gas to kill bacteria in the skin as well as oxygenating. I have always though it looked like a light saber, from Star Wars. It shouldn't hurt at all, but it is noisy, so if you are a bit worried have your therapist do it on your hand first.

3. Galvanic- This is also another type of machinery used by the skin care therapist. This allows them to open the pores and infused active products directly into the pore.

4. Microdermabrasion - A small devise, similar in action to a sander, is used to exfoliated and smooth the skins surface. This can be a particularly useful tool for eliminating acne scars. This treatment is not painful and needs to be done over a course to see results.

Acne Medications:

Acne medications are now used in either an oral or topical form to treat acne conditions. Ro-accutane and Retin-A are the most well know acne medication, however they do come with some serious side effects. Milder antibiotics can be taken first, however they still come with some side effects you should consider before deciding to take them.

The Pill:

Your Doctor may recommend a prescription of the contraceptive pill for females to take to reduce their acne. The pill works by balancing the hormones. A high estrogen pill would be prescribed as it will help to lower the amount of testosterone. Testosterone produces a sticker oil as well as more oil in the skin, which is why so many teenagers battle with acne. When the testosterone is lowered the oil production reduces and the result is less clogging in the pores.

Natural Remedies:

If you're not into taking harsh drugs, and don't mind waiting a little longer to see results, natural may be an option for you. Talking to a Naturopath will give you an idea of what can be taken to help clear your acne.

So is it fact or myth? Can diet fix your acne... Not on it's own no. However what you eat can either help or hinder your condition.

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