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Dry Skin Solutions Guide

Dry Skin Solutions Guide

Dry skin solutions guide tackles the problems associated with the type of skin that is usually defined as dry. The skin will tend to flake off and lack moisture. This is because the sebaceous glands are not producing enough oil to lubricate the skin. Some of the causes for this can be related to the environment:

* Detergents and harsh soaps - these remove the lipid and moisture from your skin. Avoid antibacterial soaps and many shampoos

* Weather - Your skin gets dry in winter because of low temperature and humidity. If you live in a desert environment high temperature and humidity are factors

* Air Conditioning and central heating - If you have central air conditioning and heating they reduce the humidity and cause dry skin

* Hot Showers and baths - hot water breaks down the lipid barriers in your skinSome Other things that may cause dry skin are:

* Dehydration - Not drinking enough liquids, profuse sweating during exercise, sever diarrhea and vomiting can cause loss of fluids

* Drugs and alcohol - Prescription drugs like antihistamines and diuretics along with caffeine and alcohol dry out the skin

* Thyroid Disorders - If you thyroid does not produce enough thyroid hormones this can lead to a reduction in the production of oil gland and sweat.

* Psoriasis - Thick scales characterize this malady along with the buildup of rough, dry skin cells

Regular Skin Hydration

Dry skin care becomes essential should you observe that your skin cracks easily and thus demands regular hydration from the inside by the use of fresh water and from the outside by applying mists, and additionally, it necessitates being moisturized with lotions or even rich hydrating emollients. What's more, you'll usually also involve performing dry skin care if you chance to be living in frigid climes which cause your skin to age faster, leading to drawn as well as flaky skin.

As a matter of fact, if you have dry skin, you would need moisturizing the dry skin which is among the principal varieties of dry skin care involved and which in addition to includes being forced to wash your face and also applying emollients that are particularly made to refresh dry skins. As a matter of fact, putting on a good nighttime cream is crucial to suitable dry skin care although then again, you will be able to take heart from the fact that dry skin rarely results in acne or pimples and so will not demand anti-acne skin care.

Crucial dry skin care involves taking showers and baths in tepid water, and not bathing or showering for more than ten minutes at the most, while also insuring using moisturizers directly after having dried off from taking a shower, or even after having washed your hands. Moreover, salutary dry skin care also expects the use of moisturizing hand soaps in addition to body soaps, and you also need to use stronger ointments or creams in the frigid winter time of year although in the summer you need to use more friable lotions.

Remember. Apply night creams and moisturizers at night if you suffer from dry skin. Make sure that you get on a good regimen and apply moisturizers and bath oils at least once every day. Pay close attention. You need to drink a lot of water every day all through the day. Avoid using products that contain alcohol. Just be following these simple rules, your skin will begin to lose its flakiness and will take on a comfortable glow.

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