Thursday, February 21, 2008

How a Sauna Can Help Your Skin

How a Sauna Can Help Your Skin by Thomas Oak

Perhaps you have heard this before, but your skin is, indeed, the largest organ in your body. Every day, you expose it to pollution, poor food choices, stress, topical substances such as makeup, and more.

Of course, there are many detoxification systems on the market that can help cleanse your skin, but one of the best ways to detoxify your skin, from the inside out, is by taking a sauna.

Experts state that a sauna session can do more to clean, detoxify, and simply "freshen" your skin than anything else. In addition, it can help you reduce stress, and your skin also shows the effects of stress on its surface.

This is not only beneficial to your skin, but it's a great way to relax and rejuvenate all over as well. It's no wonder, then, that some of the most famous people, including celebrities, use one as a regular part of their beauty routine.

If you make a sauna session a part of your beauty regimen, it de-stresses you and also helps your skin rejuvenate. It can unclog your pores, and generally give you a cleansing from the inside out.

It is most advised to those who have skin problems such as dry skin, oily skin or acne. Some even do a session before they go to sleep every day, especially if they live in an environment where their skin is exposed to a lot of pollution and needs a thorough, deep cleansing. Still others do this every week.

There are some exceptions to doing this. If you have particularly sensitive skin, have asthma, or you are pregnant, you should not participate in a sauna until you have checked with your doctor.
One pleasant way to give an extra boost to your sauna routine is to add an essential oil to the water you are going to use to make steam.

The essential oil you use should be beneficial to your skin, or be of a type you particularly like and find soothing or calming. For example, those with normal skin do well with oils like mandarin orange and lavender. If you have dry skin or oily skin, eucalyptus or lemon oils are good choices for essential oils. Chamomile and rose oils are helpful to those with dry skin.

And if you participate in a session, you can utilize a facial or body mask to further cleanse skin while your pores are open. It may also be advisable to have a massage afterwards for even more relaxation and de-stressing.

You can also opt for a quick shower to wash off all of the taxes that have been flushed from your skin, to feel truly refreshed.

Once done, your skin will feel smoother and tighter. You can do this instead of having a skin peel, other skincare technique, or even a simple facial cleansing. Some skincare procedures use harsh chemicals, and are quite expensive.

In some cases, these procedures can also damage your skin, whereas a sauna will not. You can buy a relatively inexpensive home sauna kit or opt to use them at your gym or local spa.

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